The Key to Outsourcing Success – Ensure Computer Safety

09 October 2009 | News | admin

Landing on a freelancing job does on stop with winning a client. Computers have become a inherent tool in providing services and ensuring regular communication. It is important to maintain the system in good condition to provide uninterrupted service on time to service buyers.

Ensure Firewall Protection

Firewall is a protection software or device used in network environment. Every computer system can be configured with the security policy to ensure a safe operating environment. Firewall facilitates the implementation of the computer security policy quite similar to civil construction firewalls. Firewall is the common term used for this device though it is also known as Border protection device and packet filters.

Basic function of firewall revolves around management of trust based connectivity. Packets of information flow through different sources into the system i.e., networked system belonging to a local area network or through the internet. Internet sites are classified as No Trust zone as the information source cannot be trusted. Local network systems are part of the trust worthy origin of information and classified as High Trust zone. Firewall acts as a device to implement this security through information filters and connectivity controllers across different zones of security defined in the system.

Without firewall, the system is susceptible to enter distrusted zones of information on the internet and become a victim of unsolicited information downloads and hacker attacks.

Need a Free Firewall?

Many software vendors sell firewall products as a packaged suite combined with antivirus and other utilities. Users in need of Firewall spend much more than the cost of the firewall due to the software packaging adopted by the vendor. Many software for firewall are available for free, check with authentic vendors.

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Equipping for Freelancing – Simple Tips to Get the Best Deal in Printers

09 October 2009 | Buyer Advice, News | admin

Setting up a home office and following work discipline is mandatory to achieve success through freelancing.  Hardware and software form an integral part of a home office and a wise choice goes a long way in establishing a large base of clientele. Printers have evolved to serve multifunctional requirements and the buyer should analyze requirements thoroughly before opting for a printer.

The most important  influenzing factor in buying printers is the price of the printer. Price of a printer depends largely on the features available in the particular model. Costly printers boast of better features but the question is how better is it for you?

Price of the printer does not indicate better quality printing or the life of the printer. Printing quality  and printer life is based on the print engines that hardly gets redesgined through the life of the printer series. It is likely that you are upgrading your printer with the same printer engine you had in the printer few years ago. Printer cost relates to speed of printing, support to different paper sizes and even compatibility to print from other input devices such as digicam, memory cards etc.It doesnt really benefit you if the features of the printer listed does not have any performance or cost advantage to you. It is better to evaluate the features to determine if the added cost of the printer is worthy for you.

Inkjet printers provide low cost printing for everyday use. It is capable of printing photo quality prints good enough for a home user. Laser printers have specific usage and work out to be costlier than inkjet printers.Unless there are specific uses for laser printers, it is better to use inkjet printers for home use.

How often do you plan to print photos? Though non photo printers are better alternates in terms of cost, chances are that your needs might change and a need to print photos emerge in the near future. Photo printers and non photo printers do not have major cost difference. It is better to choose photo printers with the word ‘Photo’ specified in the model features. If you are looking for best quality photo prints, you need printers with digital image rendering capability.Though printing resolution is a feature to make note, most of the printers today have resolution for printing in continous tone.

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