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uFathom is an international outsourcing marketplace focusing on the development and implementation of B2B offshore partnership services for small and medium enterprises. The company is a global trade center for corporate offshoring, outsourcing and freelance jobs. uFathom focuses exclusively on providing an online marketplace for cost-effective BPO and ITO solutions. The concept of outsourcing is not new; however uFathom provides a simple and affordable alternative that is superior to large industry competitors.

The website allows business professionals in the United States, UK, Canada and Australia to safely and effectively outsource projects to specialized firms in India, Russia, the Ukraine and the Philippians.

The project types offered by Service Providers span over dozens of workforce categories, including software programmers, web designers, legal experts, accountants, engineers, translators, writers and graphic designers. The result is a cost-effective and low-risk partnership that is effectively managed with the online tools provided by uFathom. Furthermore, uFathom targets Service Buyer firms with ongoing business service and programming requirements (B2B transactions), rather than Service Buyers with one time project needs (B2C transactions).

The web portal strives to create a simple, yet powerful platform to maintain successful outsourcing operations (organizes & stores all client data).

The road to outsourcing success begins with the Service Buyer posting a project requirement (RFP) on the uFathom site. Subsequently, the project posting prompts an e-mail alert for Service Professionals with the appropriate category of expertise. The Service Buyer then evaluates the responses (bids) for the RFP and selects the appropriate Service Provider to start the project.

uFathomwas registered as a Limited Liability Corporation in Calgary and is governed under the laws of the Alberta Government. The company shares are privately owned 100% (read more). The management background in entrepreneurship and global outsourcing transactions provides a solid foundation for the development and expansion of uFathom operations.

For Service Providers uFathom has membership plans that fit company budget; the membership types include the Basic Membership (bid limitations and commission fees) and the paid Premier Membership (substantial bid allotment and no commission).

Over the past five years, several online marketplaces have emerged that connect Service Buyers and Service Providers around the world on a common platform. uFathom aims to establish a lead role in the future development of effective online outsourcing platforms. Furthermore, uFathom is committed to creating a transparent working environment governed with fair business and establish a positive impact on the economic situation of all companies on the network.
In the past two decades, outsourcing was mainly utilized by large business enterprises with international head offices. A lack of an online access and networking tools limited the opportunities available to SMEs interested in the outsourcing business services.

uFathom Inc. (uF) is a marketplace for business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing (ITO) solutions. Service Providers with a strong performance record can deliver BPO services to Service Buyers with ongoing project requirements. uFathom aims to become a primary outsourcing service provider for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) wish to build effective, scalable cost-effective and specialized partnerships. The uFathom niche emphasises Service Provider sourcing in effective locations such as in India, Bangladesh, the Philippians, Russia and Eastern Europe. The primary BPO and ITO services provided include IT, web design, internet marketing, technical writing, accounting and engineering.

The primary target market will include businesses that wish to outsource to cost effective global locations, rather than outsource locally.  The services are geared towards B2B (business-to-business) buyers, rather than B2C (business-to-consumer) operations. uFathomService Buyers are majorly based in Canada, US, UK and Australia, while the Service Provides are based in India, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Philippians.

Key business model characteristics for uFathom include automation, mobility and scalability.  All functions of the website are automated for efficiency (e-mails, newsletters, client support, newsfeeds and RSS feeds). The business has strong infrastructure, highly efficient coding, a custom database and light-weight software for lower bandwidths.

uFathom is a B2B outsourcing portal that will cater to geographically dispersed Service Buyers and Service Providers with a multitude of business service categories. The website hosts projects in verticals that are categorized into services areas that include call centres, BPO, Animation, Data Entry, Software Development, Accounting/ Book Keeping, Internet Marketing, SEO, Website Design, Legal Services, Database Development and Content Writing.

  • Buyer posts project
  • Details, budget & timeline
  • Provider chosen
  • Project starts
  • Escrow deposit
  • Providers place bid proposals
  • Time, cost & trems negotiated
  • Project completion
  • Esrow released
  • Feedback posted