Country Data
India as a Outsourcing Destination
Country GDP $1.2 Trillion
GDP Per Capita $2,770
Average Income Per Month
Time zone  IST (UTC+5:30)

Information Technology based proficiency of human resources enable India to be a major destination for offshore industry. The demand of software and communications professionals of the early 1990s increased gradually towards the year 2000 with the Y2K solutions. The growth of business processes and information and communication technology outsourcing in India has witnessed steady and stable growth. The advantages of Indian professionals in the world of outsourcing is the ability to speak and write English, software, hardware and engineering skills and low labor charges. Most of the outsourced projects to India originate from western countries and projects range from low end to high end sophisticated technology projects. Though the domains of outsourcing are not limited to a certain area of expertise, India receives technology assignments in software, research and development, hardware, equity analysis, medical and legal transcriptions, income tax return processing, and radiological analysis to name a few.

Canada as a Outsourcing Destination
GDP $1.499 Trillion
GDP Per Capita $45,085
Average Family Income per month $5,860
Time zone (UTC−3.5 to −8)

Canada is among the top outsourcing countries in the world and one of the leading providers for outsourcing projects from United States of America. The advantages of Canada include geographical proximity as neighbor of United States of America accentuated by identical business culture, same time zones and native English. Business processes of United States of America are well understood by Canadian providers and both the countries have similar culture and social structure. Canada and America are the world’s largest trading partners with identical political policies and mutual cooperation. In addition to the political and business environment, availability of skilled work force, reliability, stability makes Canada a better choice for outsourcing.