Hiring KVenkat for VA Services was a Success Our firm hired KVenkat for executive virtual assistant and Blog development services on the uFathom network. The project requirement was for a virtual assistance and we wanted several several bids from reputable services providers. Our company received excellent services from the service provider for a fraction of the cost I would have spent in advertisement and recruitment process. This helped me concentrate on my sales and expand my customer base with no overhead expenses. The virtual assistant had a Masters Degree in English, a background in project management and demonstrated a high level of performance with minimal instruction. KVenkat saved our firm in training, management and HR payroll costs. When I required reports on a tight deadline, virtual assistant made it easy due to difference in time zones. The provider worked in a different time-zone and deliverables were usually available the next morning. Now I have hired the service provider as my virtual assistant for a long-term contract. After developing a relationship through the uFathom BPO network, we’re confident the network can be used to attract more highly skilled service providers at a competitive price. It was easy for our firm to select a virtual assistant from uFathom; all that was required was a simple procedure of identifying my requirements and posting the job. We could finalize the selection of virtual assistant and hire the provider within a short time. Our firm wanted the virtual assistant to do several routine tasks including preparing estimates, preparing covering letter to dealer and maintaining follow ups. The job of hiring became simple as the provider understood the work requirements and provided the services in a professional manner. All the jobs were done within the time schedule provided by us. I appreciate the availability of assistance at the time I needed it most.

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