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uFathom BPO Live November 15, 2009

uFathom BPO provides an online platform for the service buyers and providers to meet under a secure moderated environment.

On November 15, 2009 launches its portal for job providers and service providers to get serious with global outsourcing market. It is a space for buyers and providers across the globe to service their requirements through a well designed portal covering every aspect of virtual service environment.

The World Wide Web has made job providers and service providers meet and exchange projects and receive money fast and easily across the globe. Harvard business school scholars pointed out that the successful business trend of twenty first century would be by individuals with computers and internet rather than huge companies. uFathom aims to ride on this fact through Transparent communications, data interchange and transfer of money to make outsourcing job simple, comfortable.

uFathom understands the virtual services market and caters to niche services in addition to in-demand services. Few of  the services are technical areas such as software programming, website design & programming, mobile phone application, social networking application, data base development, enterprise systems, technical support, help desk, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, architecture, engineering. Buyers expanding their business can benefit from sales &advertisement, product catalogs, book keeping, financial reporting, tax returns, budget & forecasts, tax consulting, research, transcription, office management, translation, travel planning, event planning, survey tabulation, copyright infringement, legal consulting, audio and video recording, answering service just to name a few. The highlight of uFathom is not only the categories  but the availability of service providers to render their services at competitive rates.

UFathom provides the meeting point through web for buyers to locate providers on a long term or short term basis. It provides an opportunity for the buyers to choose as  service providers across the globe bid. Time sensitive projects can be split into  small modules and allocated to several providers to complete the jobs on time. uFathom can be termed as a B2B, B2C and C2C platform as it opens up innumerable opportunities and ways to acquire and execute services for the buyers and providers.

View the uFathom corporate blog for additional details.

Contact person: MacKenzie Brown
900, 926 - 5th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0N7