Case Studies
Virtual Assistant, Translation Services & Mail Marketing
Virtual Assistant Success – elanPURE hires KVenkat for Services
Our firm hired KVenkat for executive virtual assistant and Blog development services on the uFathom network. The project requirement was for a virtual assistance and we wanted several several bids from reputable services providers. Our company received excellent services from the service provider for a fraction of the cost I would have spent in advertisement and recruitment process. This helped me concentrate on my sales and expand my customer base with no overhead expenses. The virtual assistant had a Masters Degree in English, a background in project management and demonstrated a high level of performance with minimal instruction. KVenkat saved our firm in training, management and HR payroll costs. When I required reports on a tight deadline, virtual assistant made it easy due to difference in time zones. The provider worked in a different time-zone and deliverables were usually available the next morning. Now I have hired the service provider as my virtual assistant for a long-term contract. After developing a relationship through the uFathom BPO network, we’re confident the network can be used to attract more highly skilled service providers at a competitive price.

It was easy for our firm to select a virtual assistant from uFathom; all that was required was a simple procedure of identifying my requirements and posting the job. We could finalize the selection of virtual assistant and hire the provider within a short time. Our firm wanted the virtual assistant to do several routine tasks including preparing estimates, preparing covering letter to dealer and maintaining follow ups. The job of hiring became simple as the provider understood the work requirements and provided the services in a professional manner. All the jobs were done within the time schedule provided by us. I appreciate the availability of assistance at the time I needed it most.

Translation Services Case- Company Example
One such instance that adds value to my recommendation of using an international freelancer is the flexibility to hire a provider with varied skills at very short notice.  Just before the office hours I received the email from my German translator stating that he would not be able to complete the translation assigned to him. It was a Friday and the translated document had a deadline of Monday morning and I was facing the weekend. Time was short and the translated document was very important for my business. I posted the job with uFathom as an urgent requirement of translation and I found a translator for my job. The provider agreed to work on the project in the weekend and also accepted to deliver the final product in 24 hours. I was able to relax after I interacted with the service provider. Much to my comfort, the job was executed by the translator within delivery time and at an affordable cost.

E-mail Marketing Requirement
My email marketing and special offer to customers needed organizing various reply mails and up selling to my existing customers. The process of selecting a freelancer was simple with uFathom, in 3 days the freelancer was selected and started working immediately. The meticulous work done by virtual assistant was more than I expected from her. It was helpful since I needed short term help and my business does not require employing a person in my office. The working hour was not a constraint as the schedules for the auto responders were prepared before the day begins in our country. I got the reminders and appointments schedules in advance by email. Communications were clear, the freelancer knew the requirements, appraised me of dependencies and documentation required and completed it on time. It was a pleasure to work with a freelancer ready to begin when I need the services. A new project will start and I will use the uFahtom network for the upcoming business requirements.
Programming & osCommerce Web Development Success
Programming with osCommerce
Our company initiated a successful transaction with the uFathom network, despite limited website programming and design knowledge. Our requirement was developing a eCommerce sports site for a client for the sale of sports shoes, accessories and related items. The website required eCommerce functionality with an integrated shopping cart purchase feature. The contact form had to be in place for visitors to fill forms required to complete the transaction and deliver the goods. The total number of pages needed for my web site was twelve and the timeline required was 10 days. Our consulting company contacted several local web design companies, which provided quotes outside of the allotted budget.

Internet research led our company to uFathom BPO and we posted our project requirements. Several service providers placed bids and we finalized the order with BecomeExpert. Our company had initial doubts until we saw the first sample page, but all my doubts vanished once I saw the prototype. The web designer supplied a number of functional suggestions for the site design and usability for the project. My site was up within the 10 day timeline, the charges were less the local quotes and we were not required to provide the BecomeExpert team with any designing software/tool, system or work space. Multiple samples of website were delivered for approval, which allowed for significant input on the design and functionality of the site. Our client is very pleased with the finished deliverables and pricing for the website. The web designer is working on the maintenance and enhancements for further site enhancements on an ongoing basis. The uFathom Global BPO & Outsourcing Trade Center was extremely helpful for the success of the project.
Java Programming Team Assignment
Successful Remote Programming- Java Programming Assignment
Our company has various projects and we wanted three programmers proficient in Java programming. We wanted the technical team to work independently on various projects from installing and configuring some of the open source tools, to building Swing UI that interact with server process. We wanted the programmer to write table-less xHTML and construct nice looking CSS. We expected the programmer to be proficient with web hosting, configuring, and administering websites on the UNIX platform. It was almost an all-in-one requirement.

We posted the project requirements on uFathom and a link was given to fill the form for initial testing. After initial evaluation of the programmers, our company awarded the project to 3 qualified programmers and the requirements were completed with the 3 week timeline. We could get more work done as the programmers selected worked from home based offices. The Service Providers used remote access to connect to our systems and alleviated the need for infrastructure installation. The outsourcing arrangement was cost effective and gave us opportunity to extend the services we offer to local clients. The programmers were given free hand in creativity, which led to an exciting end result. Each programmer worked independently as well as with the team, satisfying the planning, design, coding and execution requirements. The programmers worked with other team members to provide innovative ideas to enhance the group development effort. The uFathom platform provided the communication tools and the service provider connections necessary to make ongoing virtual development a realistic possibility.
Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Case Samples
Website and Online Legal Drafting
Our firm owns and operates a successful ebusiness site with global eCommerce operations. Our company distributes various proprietary information as well as software (including e-books), which are for sale for viewing and download. We wanted the legal terms and conditions to be formulated and we posted the requirement for a legal professional in uFathom. We received several bids from professionals, it was easy to communicate and finalize the legal terms and conditions in a short time. It was an appreciable job received as we needed certain addition of special terms specific to our business. We were also suggested certain legal points which was useful and covered areas which were not considered by us. We saved money and time by hiring legal persons using uFathom BPO network.

Corporate Firm Legal Drafting (Law Firm)
Our firm is an established business with a number of regional blue chip clients. Our company specializes in the field of incorporation, creating bylaws and client portfolio legalities. We required several experienced legal drafting personnel to create legal documents on an ongoing basis, in an effort to company partner output. We opted to hire fulltime legal consultants using the uFathom outsourcing process. Our firm wanted the legal service providers with a broad knowledge base and the ability to meet drafting expectations and responsibilities. It was comfortable to communicate with the message board and Private Message board, which paved the way for a mutually agreeable and concrete service agreement. Each provider was assigned specific deadlines and requirements and our firm chose service providers from different legal backgrounds for a comprehensive virtual team. The charges were less compared to employing a fulltime local assistant for legal drafting purposes. Most importantly, the LPO process increased company output and our business requirements were accomplished with minimal explanation and supervision. We plan to retain the service provider team on a long-term basis and continue to develop our international LPO (legal process outsourcing) team.

Legal Document Drafting & Consultancy
The outsourcing process increased the output of my private legal practice. I provide stock and financial consultancy to several of my elite clients. One of my clients wanted a will to be prepared in secrecy. With the permission of the client, the job was posted as a private project on uFathom and the project was narrowed down to four suitable providers. The procedure was simple and only required a 24-hour timeframe for four suitable proposals. The initial draft was approved by my client and the details of the project were finalized in-house. I maintained confidentiality of my client by allowing the document to be drafted by a lawyer working from several thousand miles overseas. Many thanks to the uFathom team for providing a simple platform for hiring legal experts and allowing my practice to optimize client output.
Graphic Design, Media and Animation Success
Corporate Logo Requirement- Company Example
We are in event management business and for one of our events we wanted an inflatable arch with logo of the event. We decided to post the graphic design job in uFathom.  We had more than 20 bids, all designers had attached the samples of their earlier work and we judged the samples based on our requirement and awarded the job to a designing company. I must appreciate the system of customer feedbacks in uFathom that helped us to select and award the graphic design company with our job. Communication from the graphic design company was effective and the proposal format was professional. We created milestones for delivery and we received our initial samples within the set time frame for approval. We reviewed and communicated our response to the samples and the final design was delivered as per commitment. The graphic design company took the entire responsibility for the quality of the graphic design, photographs and print ready files at a cost well within our budget. It was uFathom which provided us with a functional and effective platform to complete our work in time. Many thanks; we will continue to use UFathom for our outsourcing requirements.

Small Business Graphic Design- Company Example
As a company specializing in graphic design, one of my elite customers was in need of a greeting card designed for a specific event. I had to finalize a graphic designer in one day and receive the final design in 3 days. I was heavily loaded with work and one of my friend suggested uFathom to me. I proceeded to post the job and got a good response from qualified providers. I was apprehensive about the project as the assignment needed the greeting card design to be exclusive, funny with caricatures and without any reference to existing greeting card ideas on the net. The selected graphic designer came up with samples for approval; the next 2 rounds of reviews and changes ensured a product much to my customer’s satisfaction. The designer was equipped with skills and workspace, system and software tools to produce an art piece of significant value. It was a double win situation for me as I got a good graphic designer for my company and needless to say I won a long term contract from the client also.

Banner Ad Design for Online Marketing- Company Example
As my business expanded, I was in need of a banner ad for my online business. I do not know anything about web designing and banner designing. I searched for freelancers and then posted the job in uFathom.  I located a team of people to help me with the requirement. I offered the job to 4 of them and suggested that the design I choose will be paid the full cost while other designs will be displayed for clients in my website with expected price for the design. It was a successful idea and I have 4 freelance graphic designers ready to take up assignments from me and my business is showing more promise.
Accounting Outsourcing- Case Examples
Tax Filing and Accounting Services- Company Example
I had filed form for my taxes but I wanted to make amends to receive tax deductions. I found UFathom helpful to post the requirement for an assistant.  I selected a virtual accountant among many bidders with requisite qualifications. The accountant filed for my taxes online and the deductions were claimed. The job was completed in a short time; also the virtual accountant interacted with me and collected my documents and assessed it. The cost of employing a virtual accountant was nominal, the price I could afford to retain the services for longer duration. He provided me with useful information about tax deductions and tips and practices for the future. The provider was a consultant with rich experience and his approach helped me to save money making his charges much more cost effective than my anticipation.

Accounting Data Extraction- Company Example
Our firm wanted financial statements from data of our dealers. This job required financial and accounting knowledge to extract the necessary details from our system. With the understanding I had about UFathom and the database of providers, I posted a requirement for the virtual accountant job. Selection was tough as I had to choose from professionals with varied domain expertise. The virtual accountant completed our financial statement in 4 segments as per the requirement.  Communication was smooth and clarification was sought when required. It helped us to rethink on our requirement and strategize our approach. As a result of the discussions, we expanded the project to include more detailed statements. UFathom made it easy to manage the project and extend the time schedule to fit in increase in work offer. The final product was perfect and added value to our goals and helped us save time. It was hard to believe that the virtual accountant could work on a critical time sensitive project and also improve upon our existing processes at a cost affordable by our small enterprise.

Routine Accounting Services and System Backup- Company Example
The team at uFathom has made the process of hiring freelancers, monitoring progress of work and making payment simple and easy with your system. I needed an accountant to maintain my business account books with routine entries every 2 weeks. I have no knowledge about web or its usage but UFathom helped me post a job advertisement and select an accountant from many bidders. The work included entries of vouchers, receipts, expenses etc, into our system. I could get the reports needed on time from the system. This outsourcing idea of mine helped me save money and more time to attend to my work to improve my business. I had no hassles in getting the job done and making payment to the accountant, Thanks to uFathom for providing an easy to use simple system to choose the skills I required to run my business.