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(Additional Information in FAQ, uFathom Blog and uFathom
uFathom is an online trade center for
business service outsourcing, which consolidates BPO Service Buyers and
Service Providers on a single platform and encourages international
trade. Employers, large corporations, SMEs and independent consultants
have the ability to post Project Requirements for service proposals
from qualified Service Providers. uFathom is a efficient, value-added
solution providing Service Buyers access to a huge database of Service
Providers with varied backgrounds and and expertise. In addition,
business network is an solution for Service Providers; allowing Users
to build credentials, capitalize on potential contracts and place bids
on projects in each users respective area of

Custom User Tools
User Platform
- Users can buy, provide and sub-contract
business services with a single user account, streamlining the
accounting and documentation process.
Trust Account
(Escrow)- The uFathom Trust Account ensures the
project is completed to the full satisfaction on the Service Buyer and
is within the scope of requirements requested by the uFathom Service
•    Feedback
- Users can import (migrate) feedback from several
reputable websites and avoid the need to start and User Profile from
•    Post
Service Packages
- Service Providers can use Service Packages
to streamline the selling process and reduce the need to actively bid
on projects. Service Providers simply post any Service Package (Service
Specialty), create service descriptions and allow Service Buyers browse
potential service offerings.
Project Management Integration
- Collabtive groupware is
integrated into User accounts on the uFathom network. The tool can
import all Basecamp files and be used for contracts on the uFathom
network as well as external contacts.

How uFathom

Service Buyers post
requirements (RFP),
which includes project details, deadlines and the maximum allotted
budget for the service requirement. Buyers gain through cost and space
as the platform provides unlimited job postings without spending money
on advertisements for service providers. Projects can be long term or
short term or one time project based on buyer requirements. Freelance
service providers view all the projects available to bid and earn
money. Service providers browse projects in uFathom and bid for single
project, commission, part-time and full-time project listings. uFathom
provides a cost effective solution for Service Providers interested in
showcasing skills to utilize time productively and grow company


Posting projects and bidding can be done by
registered members only. Projects can be viewed by any visitor of
uFathom unless it is specified as Non-Public project. Non-public
projects are members only projects. Following are the steps to register
and activate uFathom membership.

A) The registration
form has to be filled up with a unique username which will be used for
all official purposes. A valid email address has to be provided for
communication and confirmation should be given the Terms of
(TOS) uFathom does not gather personal details.

B) The email address has to be confirmed. A
confirmation mail with instructions and link will be received by you at
the email address provided. As per the instructions in the mail the
confirmation code has to be provided and your account will be

**IMPORTANT: Add the domain @ufathom to
your e-mail provider safe senders list and check the bulk/junk mail
folder of your e-mail.

C) The Company or Consultant
Profile is built with information relevant to the consultant or company
(whichever applicable). Other members can view your profile to assess
the skill and needs. No display of company contact details are
permitted in the uFathom User Profile Page (see

Standard and Premier Memberships  

Anyone can join uFathom for free and
there are two User Account options available – Standard Membership and
Premier Membership.

Standard Membership (USD):
A Standard
Membership is is free and no monthly charges are collected. Service
Buyers have to pay uFathom a listing fee ranging between $5 and $40
depending on the type, scope and requirements of a posted Project.
Standard Service Providers typically pay a flat fee of

Monthly charges of $20 are applicable
for Premier Members on the uFathom network. Commission for Premier
Service Providers is typically reduced from 8% to 3.5% of the final
value of the service provided (or Service Package). Premier Members can
add extra areas of expertise to company profiles and are allotted a
higher number of bids (automatically renewed monthly on a rolling
basis). Finally Premier Service Providers are allotted a greater number
of Service Package listings, which can result in net

Premier Members are generally larger or high
volume Service Providers, whom are committed to consistent use of the
uFathom network. Service Buyers have the option to post projects that
can be bid by Premier Members only. A special icon appears next to the
username of all Premier Members. A User can freely discontinue the
Premier Membership at any time. If a member does not have funds
deposited for a Premier Membership at the renewal date, the account
automatically defaults to a Standard Membership. A User can reactivate
a Premier account again by depositing $20 for the monthly fee and
clicking the “Launch Premier Membership” User Control

Outsourced Project

Service Providers post projects with
description of project, skills required and the budget. Service
Providers search the projects that are suitable for their skills and
interests, from the list of open projects. Service Providers can easily
browse Project Categories based on Company experience, staff and
expertise. Service Buyers can analyze the bids and choose the best
Service Provider to accommodate corporate

User Accounts, Deposits
& Withdrawls

uFathom provides a free account
for each all users to transfer funds, made payments and request
withdrawals. Payments from Service Buyers can be added as direct
payment and sourced from credit card, online account like Paypal,
MoneyBookers and bank wire transfer. Optional debit card is available
for accessing the funds in the account (in the near

Withdrawals transfers are done once a week.
Small processing cost is charged and deducted at the time of transfer
for certain types of transfers (see FAQ for details). uFathom
membership charges and commissions payable are deducted from members
accounts prior to withdrawals.

uFathom Trust Account Payments

Service Providers can receive payment
into their account from the Service Buyer account. Other payment
options are mutually agreed between employer and service provider
beyond the scope of uFathom payment system. Both the Service Buyer and
Service Provider have advantages of transacting through a secure
environment by using uFathom trust account (escrow) or uFathom direct
transfew system.

uFathom Trust Account (Escrow)
Payment system allows the deposited funds to be held in the uFathom
account and released at the upon project completion or at on a
pre-discussed timeline. For example an employer offers an initial part
payment in the beginning of the project if he wishes so; subsequently
when specified milestones are achieved, series of payments are
released; at the completion of the project, final settlement amount can
be released.

uFathom Trust Account (Escrow) system
can also be used for short term projects. The funds are deposited by
the Service Buyer and held by uFathom for the Service Provider with the
comfortable working environment of assured payment. The amount
deposited can be released only by the Service Buyer ensure proper and
full completion of project requirements. The Service Provider will not
have access to funds, which is a safeguard for successful completion of
requirements. The funds are released only on mutual agreement by the
provider and the buyer on the services

Feedback and Rating
uFathom rating and
feedback system is available exclusively for projects listed and paid
through the uFathom payment system.

If payment is
made with uFathom on completion of project the rating and feedback
system for the project completed is activated. The Service Provider and
the Service Buyer have the opportunity to rate the performance and
quality of the other User on a Scale of 10. The Feedback system also
allows users to leave comments to elaborate on the quality of the
transaction. Members have the option to post a response to all feedback
in the User Profile and it allows for transparency and fairness.
Overall rating; individual project ratings; and feedback are viewed
with the member’s profile. The feedback provides a highly valuable
indicator on the quality of the project and the capabilities of the
other party involved.

Service Buyers and Service
Providers improve their performance and reputation with the feedback
and rating system. The uFathom rating and feedback system provides all
the members with additional protection against potential scams and
dissatisfied transactions.

Corporate Summary
uFathom BPO provides a dynamic, secure
and value-added platform for the Service Buyers and Providers to
connect on a single convenient platform. Join the expanding uFathom
partnership and grow the success of your firm with an innovative
solution for business service trade.