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Service Provider Guide
Best Practices of Service Providers on the uFathom Network
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uFathom is freelance service portal in the web to bring employers and providers together for mutually beneficial association. Employers, large corporations, SMEs and individuals post the job and qualified job seekers bid for the project highlighting skills and proficiency. uFathom is a cost and time effective solution as employers gain by the huge database of providers with  varied areas and experience without the need to scout for the talent and expertise.  

Freelance service providers of every trade and skilled professionals get plenty of jobs across the globe with uFathom portal. Whether you work from home or office, whether you are looking for part time job or full time projects, you can get it easily from uFathom. Freelance service providers can get the jobs without any advertisements. The skills and talents can be offered to job providers across the globe through internet.

Every service provider has to promote, advertise their proficiency or business. It costs money and time to advertise the skills to be seen by the job providers. Contacting the job providers is easy with uFathom; the platform provides opportunities to job providers to select the job.

uFathom system is simple to bid; communication is transparent and made possible through communication board. Service providers have a healthy competition and improve the skills to ensure selection. Ufathom allows sending samples to job providers, discussions are held with others without revealing your strategies. Sign up process is easy using a simple form, no demand for expensive advertisements to market your skills. To find work is easy and many of the freelancers get repeated works and full time jobs using uFathom project board.

You can choose any method of making payment, as agreed between you and the job provider. If you receive payment through uFathom, it is advantageous to you as well as job providers. By using uFathom for payment, you get the advantages such as secured transfer; participating in rating and feedback system and Dispute Resolution Service.  

As freelance service providers you can receive payment in to your account from the employers account. Other payment options are permitted betweenr employer and service provider under mutual agreement.

Milestone Payments are deposited as lump sum and are released to the service provider at the completion of project or deposited funds are released in segments as the project progresses in stages to reach milestones.

Your earnings as freelance service provider are added into your account. At any time you can transfer the funds to your bank account, PayPal or MoneyBookers account. uFathom provides debit card to access your fund immediately, this is an optional arrangement and you can avail the debit card if you wish.

uFathom provides you with lot of tools to search work easily and improve your earning potential. Add ufathom free button to your Google toolbar to access your account fast and easy. To access projects that are suitable for your skills and talent, choose one or several of our RSS feeds to make project notifications delivered directly to your browser or RSS reader. Web developers, site owners or any one with interest can make money with absolutely less effort from uFathom affiliate program with high commissions and quick payout. uFathom’s data feeds and API can be used to populate website, database and application by developers

uFathom provides easy means to earn lot from your skills with simple and easy process.

Tips for New Service Providers
Freelance service is offered more now than ever due to economic trends and unsure markets. It is very easy and sensible to utilize your skills and talents to build your business and earnings. The advantages of freelancing includes, work from home; your own working hours; selecting the projects of your interest; at will choose your days off. It is very important to avoid the risks in freelance works to increase your success rate.

UFathom provides the platform for job providers and freelancers across the globe to meet and benefit. The cost and time spent on searching and finding jobs is reduced by uFathom.

As a new freelancer you have to consider several things from the starting of the bid, process, schedules till delivery. Freelancers have to utilize the tools of uFathom to protect them as well as develop their reputation fast.

For your first project try the projects with TRIAL icon next to the listing. These can be bid only by freelancers with no feedback record on uFathom. The new service providers get exclusive chances to work from these projects.

For every project posted, it’s better to go through employer’s profile and feedback. Experienced job providers write detailed profile information to make the service providers understand about the job provider. In case the profile of the job provider does not have enough information, either the job provider may be new or he is hiding something. The feedback of previous projects always gives a clear picture how a job provider has dealt earlier. It is recommended to know the maximum about the job provider before entering into any contract.

With hundreds of bids to be viewed for a project your bid should be unique and concise to get attracted by the buyer.  Read the project fully and carefully, some times the buyers include a sentence or phrase in the description and ask the bidders to mention it in the bids, mention that. The purpose of reading the description is to understand the project well.

If you have doubts about the project, ask all the questions through Project Clarification Board to understand the project better. Mention your bid precise, clear and specific to the point; avoid long and unnecessary descriptions, the buyer may not have time to go through long descriptions.  After the bidding use private message board to provide more information that are left out in the bid.

Your previous work samples can be uploaded or URL links can be mentioned with private messages. Ensure the samples are appropriate to the project involved, also it is better to water mark the samples for protect ion. Your price should be competitive but it need not be the lowest.  Remember, as you bid for global market the bid is going to be for a tight competition. If special skills are involved for the project charging higher is justified. As new service providers, charging less is fine to establish oneself.  Your skill claims can be honest and frank to get projects. Hype, over the top claims should be avoided to get projects. Check your bid for correct spelling; ensure it has all the necessary details which is written properly; be sure to attach the necessary files.

When ready to accept a project awarded, go through the details once again carefully. For any clarifications communicate with the employer to resolve the issues to commit to the project. Accept a project only after understanding fully what it is, otherwise leave the project.

For large scale projects the service buyer may agree for milestone payments with portions of payment released as schedules are achieved. It is common to receive up front payment on large scale projects but it can not be expected by new service providers without feedback. Both job providers and service providers can opt for uFathom Milestone Payment service for protection.

As a new freelance service provider build your reputation from positive feedback from job providers.  The employers whose job had been done well would provide positive feed back to the freelancers. You will get feedback only if you get paid through uFathom.

uFathom always aim to encourages new freelance service providers as well as provides all the help to build and grow their business successfully.

All the best for continued business growth