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Outsourcing industry

Outsourcing is a major global industry which is growing everyday with internet connectivity. Management of business processes, execution of various administrative, clerical, creative, legal, computer programs and media functions are completed with the help of external service providers. The platform or portal is provided by various organizations for the job providers and freelancers to meet. The buyers and freelancers interact with one another, freelancers complete the job and buyer pays the amount agreed upon. The payment is paid via escrow of the portals for safety of both the buyers and freelancers. Events, Conferences and seminars are conducted across the globe as an effort to educate, discuss and standardize the outsourcing industry and bring in more recognition to the contribution of freelance marketplaces such as uFathom to ensure a safe and easy to use platform for businesses to buy services according to the requirements. Here is a roundup of few of the upcoming events –

Maintenance Outsourcing Management, January 14 to25, 2010, Dubai

This program provides the best practices in Maintenance Outsourcing of Industrial and Commercial Facilities.

This program provides the best practices of Industry Outsourcing around the world. Best business models, methodology and planning of outsourcing. Technology, contracts and managements necessary for the new outsourcing projects

Program Content includes

  • Prequalification activities, Management systems, Motivation facilitation
  • Performance enhancement, Relationship system, HRD, Security & Risk Management
  • Knowledge Management, Customer Interaction, Team Working Enablers
  • Technical infrastructure, Customer feedback, Monitoring of service quality
  • A step by step action plan for Implementing Outsourcing in the Organization

Performance-based outsourcing: Maximizing the Value of 3PL-Customer Relationships, Feb 9 to 11, 2010, Orlando, Florida, USA

Manufacturers and retailers outsource the logistics operations to third party logistics. After sometime both parties are left with no benefits to be reaped and get stuck without make progress towards sustained value. To overcome the obstacle and progress upward performance based outsourcing have to be followed.

The seminar will cover

  • Performance-based outsourcing
  • The difference between Performance Based Outsourcing and gain sharing and other types of contract
  • Steps for creating a successful PBO relationship
  • Who is practicing PBO today and the benefits have they achieved
  • The main obstacles for implementing PBO for both customers and 3PLs. Ways to overcome these obstacles

The Outsourcing World Summit, Feb 15 to 17, 2010, Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Convention Center in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA

Using Outsourcing to Emerge as a Leader in the New Global Economy

The economic recession is relenting now and businesses want to find a way to position them for the growth. With the solutions found, the outsourcing industry will face new challenges and opportunities. New services and business models have to be found to adapt to new trends. Buyers would expect greater value for a cheap price and freelancers would want to leverage from their strong areas in to future solutions.

The Topics covered in the summit are

  • State of the Outsourcing Industry
  • Reimagining the Global Business Paradigm through Outsourcing
  • Microsoft’s Global Sourcing Journey
  • Leading Through Turbulent Times

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