Build Forum for My Website in bbPress ( Format
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Description Build Forum for My Website in bbPress ( Format *Note this is an open budget project (PM with cost) I require a provider to build a forum based in (open source forum software from the makers of WordPress) for the uFathom website The format needs to duplicate the format/categories/look/function of the FreelanceSwitch forum (see forum. The forum needs to be created in a format that can easily be plugged into the website by my programmers. The format needs to preserve the formatting of the navigation menu in my site. My programmers can provide the information necessary to complete the forum without losing any of the menu function. Please pm me with any questions or additional details.

Posted by: elanPURE

User name: elanPURE
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Company: elanpure
Member since: 27 Nov,2009

Posted on: 2009-12-01
Budget: $250 - $500
Status: Frozen
Bids duration: 2009-12-01

To: 2009-12-02
Job types: Freelance Project

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